Wednesday, June 15, 2005

The dark side of success, at least as defined in the world of storytelling

Okay, I'll get right to the point here. The Dark Side involves bad hair, bad timing and the photo lab. That's right. Although none of these sound as if they are even remotely connected to the life of a storyteller, they are. Particularly one pursuing that elusive success thing. Part of that success thing involves the Dreaded Photoshoot.

It's really my own darn fault for allowing vanity to enter my life in even the slightest incarnation. You see, I changed my hairstyle again this spring. Had I left well enough alone, I could move on and you'd never have to read this post. For that matter, you do have a choice. You can stop reading right now, go outside and enjoy the real world. If you can't do that, read on.

I took a chance and applied to the Wisconsin Humanities Council Speakers Bureau for next year. The Council provides grants to groups throughout the state, allowing them to bring in programs on any number of topics. I submitted two program ideas, along with all the supporting materials, and both were accepted. I could hardly believe it! Next fall, interested folks will be able to find me, online and in the print directory, offering my storytelling programs on "Women of Substance" and "Stories of Tricksters and Fools" through the Council. Following acceptance into the Council, I was invited to apply for the 2006 Wisconsin Arts Board roster of touring performers and artists in education. That was cool, too.

Here's the kicker. I need to send them both a black and white head shot. Yikes! I have a nice one that was taken about a year ago--before the style change. Now that the Wisconsin weather pattern has changed to the typical river valley summer--hot and humid--I have yet to have a decent hair day, or even an okay hair day.

I have the rest of this week to hope for a chance at a decent one. They need them by the end of next week. I keep asking myself, why, for an artform that depends on listening, must I send in a Glamour Shot? Why, since I must feign glamour for a headshot, does my hair refuse, despite every known form of styling aid, to behave? Why should this even be a problem, given the fact that my new hair is your basic Dutch girl cut, updated for a modicum of 21st century, middle-aged cool, of course?

So, for those of you dreaming of storytelling success--I know there are at least three of you who might actually read this entry--remember there is a Dark Side to this success. Now, please send your entreaties the Hair Gods for a decent hair day by Friday!


At 4:34 PM, Blogger Tim said...

Hoping for a good hair day, but if that fails... do you know anyone proficient in Photoshop?

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