Wednesday, August 10, 2005

The story of my life

It's Wednesday afternoon. I have a storytelling guild meeting tomorrow night, Irishfest Friday night, and if things go well, maybe I can go to the Wisconsin Storytellers Get-Together on Saturday. Which would be nice, since I'm a co-chair for the program committee. The jury is out on that one for the time being. Why?

Because I said "yes" again. Back in June, one of the elders from my church called to see if I could preach while the pastor takes a vacation. I have not done a service, I checked, since June 18, 2000. I used to do this a couple times a year, but maybe they didn't like my last sermon. Whatever, I was asked and I said "yes."

Now, my approach to all of this is story-based, anyway. Think about it. When you hear a sermon, you probably don't remember the point, but you will remember stories the pastor used to make that point. As my mentor in all of this once told me, "Preaching is just storytelling with a point."

Do I have this sermon written? Nope. I did get the order of service turned in to the church secretary, one day before she needs it, so that's good. I like to start my sermons with a story, and it is truly amazing how easy it is to make a story of any type fit whatever passages are suggested by the Common Lectionary. I picked the passage from Genesis 45 as my choice. The Old Testament passages are always overlooked, and heck, God is supposed to be God, Old or New Testament. Joseph has revealed himself to his brothers, and shared the purpose of his exile. So, to introduce the whole idea of dreams and prayers, I'm telling "The Peddler of Ballaghadereen." Maybe it's the influence of the impending Irishfest, but I couldn't resist this Irish tale that features St. Patrick himself. So, I've been practicing that story. I'll tell it at the guild meeting tomorrow for feedback. It will become a staple in my repertoire, I'm sure.

But not a word is put to paper for the sermon part of this. Instead, I'm stalling here. I must share my latest lucky find. Shoes.

Yes, shoes. Not just any shoes. Shoes that were on deep discount. Purchased from a socially conscious small business in Lawrence, Kansas, Footprints. Shoes that Birkenstock billed as "Storytelling Shoes." Could I have possibly said no to those?

Of course not. The man in brown brought them the other day. I'm thrilled!

I'm thrilled, but my sermon isn't started. Other than my story. Hopefully, the telling will be so rich and delightful, the preaching part will simply augment the tale.

If anyone comes. You know how it goes when the pastor's on vacation.


At 8:42 AM, Anonymous Molly said...

Your shoes are darling, and I wish I could be there to hear your sermon (despite my ordinary feelings about church)!

At 1:42 AM, Anonymous Heather (hbkscotia) said...

Nice shoes. :) I hope your service goes well. Like Molly I wish I could be there.


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