Saturday, June 25, 2005

Wanderlust tales

As children, my brothers and I used to complain that "we never go anywhere." We'd make trips to Duluth from our home in Minneapolis, and beg Dad to come home on the Wisconsin side, just so we could say we'd been in another state. Once or twice, he even obliged us.

My mom likes to say to us now as adults, "Hmm, for kids who'd never been out of Minnesota, you all seem to get around." True enough. In four more days, I'll be departing for my third trip as a teacher leader with People to People, on an itinerary called "Cultures of Europe." During this time, I'll ascend the Eiffel Tower, visit the Louvre and Natzweiler Concentration Camp, attend a meeting at the United Nations, and play in the Mediterranean Sea on the Spanish coast. In previous years, People to People has taken me to Australia and the United Kingdom and Ireland. I've been truly blessed to have had these opportunities, especially since I'm part of an experience that for most kids, like my own son who traveled to Australia, changes how they view the world forever.

I've been fortunate too to spend time in Kenya in short term mission with my church, living with families and taking part in everyday life, not the glamour trip of safari--though we managed to do a couple quick ones.

My brothers have been to Asia and South America. Between the three of us, we've already covered the globe, and I hope before I move on to my next rewards to see much more of it. Through travel, whether around the world or cross country, I've been offered stories I'd never have heard, been given stories I'd never have told otherwise. There is a saying that only by knowing the story of another can we understand. I'm looking forward to hearing and telling many more stories soon. Bon voyage, auf Wiedersehn, adios!


At 3:47 PM, Anonymous Molly said...

Gwyn, have a safe and wonderful trip--I can't wait to read your stories about it.

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