Wednesday, October 19, 2005

The characters of the story......

We have the wonderful, storybook setting of Jonesborough, tucked in the Smoky Mountains, as our location for my magical weekend. Next lesson....the characters. And any event involving storytelling will surely have its share of characters!
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The fellow in the tie dye overalls was around all weekend, easy to see. Perhaps that was the purpose of his colorful dress? Each day, he would be spotted somewhere, sporting slightly different, but equally colorful overalls. We never did figure out if he was one of the locals--the consensus was that the locals leave town this weekend!--or a storyteller himself, like many of us, enjoying the weekend as a storylistener. Whatever his story, he was sure to bring a smile to anyone who spotted him throughout the weekend.

There were other characters to be seen as well. A huge part of the charm in Jonesborough is the opportunity provided at every corner or storefront for character placement. Benches adorn the sidewalks, a wonderfully convenient spot for our characters to "park it" and enjoy all the colorful passersby.