Friday, October 28, 2005

Why didn't *I* think of this?

I knew going to the National Storytelling Festival that taking photos of the storytellers in performance was forbidden. Understandably so, when the tents were packed with as many as a thousand listeners. Permanent visual damage from so many flashes could ensue, not to mention how much it would detract from the experience.

Going in, I also knew that many of the tellers would happily pose with you for photos after their sets, but that's just so--cheesy! I'm a teller myself, it just seemed weird, so I never did that. I'm not really a fan of posed photos, facing the camera and saying "Cheese!" despite my Dairy State residency. Let the Milk Board handle the promotion, okay?

Yesterday, though, someone on the storytell listserv provided a link to "forbidden tent photos." This woman was brilliant. Kind of like a new twist--or knit one, purl two?--on the now-familiar "Flat Stanley," she had tellers pose with her sock in progress.

I wish I'd thought to do this. I even had a scarf in progress along, keeping me amused on the bus trip. Angela, the sock knitter, you're my new hero!

You can also visit her main blog here, where she rejoices in her sock's newfound fame, and shares a photo of a friend telling at the Swapping Ground. She knits some awesome socks. I think maybe I need to move on to socks. Everyone I know has a scarf by now!


At 7:18 AM, Anonymous angela said...

Sock knitter, storyteller, Bengals fan...that's me!

Thanks for the link, and for the "heads up." I can't wait for others to find my blog and share in the journey of my sock!

At 12:02 PM, Blogger Helena said...

I never would have guessed that a sock was knitted from the top down, but it makes sense, now that I think of it. Fun idea!


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