Sunday, January 21, 2007

Stories for a new year?

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That would be me, last October at the Wisconsin Book Festival in Madison, telling the story of "The Lion Makers." The snarl is not my ordinary face, but a moment in the story, one in which my face and actions move the spoken words along and thankfully, got the desired response from my 7th grade audience. The snarl is a helpful visual to myself that with this new year, I must move my own storytelling along as well.

I didn't make any resolutions as such. Usually I don't, because I know all about good intentions and the wayside, and figure I have enough guilt already without adding to my list. Still, I think back on some of my intentions regarding my storytelling and whether they are at the wayside or not right now. About this time last year, I was pledging to myself that I would---

*Work really hard to build my repertoire
*Host a storytelling retreat
*Serve Northlands Storytelling Network as a hardworking Vice President
*Get professional help with my publicity materials, specifically my brochure and website

So, what did I really accomplish last year?

*I did add a couple new stories to my repertoire, and have a program in process of stories about birds that will entertain while still educating about aspects of bird behavior. I have my story list, but haven't really worked on any of them.
*I did indeed host my first storytelling retreat, and plan to do so again this September.
*I have continued to serve Northlands. My current job has been getting this year's Midwest Storyfest all lined up and ready to go. I question how hard I work at times, compared to some of my fellow board members. This coming year's job will push me to my limits, though, because after April, I will move into the position of President-Elect, aka "conference chair." Yikes!
*Professional help? Nope. Though I did make initial contacts with people who do this sort of thing for storytellers and I suppose I could follow up and get the ball rolling in that department. Besides word of mouth, it's clear that many of my contacts are coming from web searches. I have two upcoming gigs already, and wonder what would happen if I actually had a decent website.

In looking at my list of storytelling related intentions, I can say I met one of them and if nothing else, moved ever so slightly forward with the others. In light of the stresses in my world this past year, I am grateful that I can say I did this much. My wish is that I might be able to fully meet these same intentions this coming year, especially the repertoire building intention. That is simply a matter of work and time. Maybe another intention should be added----"less time online, more time working on story?" That sounds about right!


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