Friday, July 07, 2006

Stories around the corner

Sometimes, we make interesting discoveries. This past week while visiting family at the cabin up north, my husband, younger son and I discovered a wonderful spot that we had probably driven past many times over the years. Tucked away about a mile from the road is a breathtaking gorge with waterfalls tumbling down.

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We had never known it was there, being off the road, but experienced it courtesy of a geocache. We went to find the cache, but came away finding a new little piece of heaven on earth.

Working as a storyteller, I often make discoveries this way; unexpected but delightful surprises. A little over a year ago, I applied to and was accepted to the Wisconsin Humanities Council Speakers Bureau. I discovered this option serendipitously, and since the speakers catalog was published, had wondered if it would ever bear fruit. Not too long ago, just after volunteering my storytelling for the Wee Folks area at LaCrosse Irishfest in August, I received a contact and booking from someone who had seen my listing in the catalog. This often happens, this combination of volunteering my storytelling, followed by a contact clear out of the blue for a paid booking.

Last week, before leaving for the cabin, my copy of the Wisconsin Touring Artists Directory came, displaying another page with my mug shot and information for prospective bookers. Will I find new stories to tell in new places from this catalog? Time will tell. However, I will not be one bit surprised to discover that if I do, it will happen right after I send gifts out into the cosmos somehow. Sharing freely with others almost always seems to be returned soon with a new discovery, right around the corner. Isn't this what others might call karma?


At 2:33 PM, Blogger Helena said...

What a pretty place! Isn't it fun when things like that happen?

At 4:07 AM, Blogger knitsteel said...

That's a beautiful gorge. I love rushing water and rocks, from the outside looking in.

Congratulations on the paid booking. I don't know about karma. I always wonder what would happen if our consequences and actions always fit, in a right and wrong kind of way.

At 8:00 AM, Anonymous Northwoods_hippie said...


When you speak of "up north" I always wonder if you are close to where I live? I wonder if you can give me a location of these falls as I have tried to see all the falls in NC Wisc and the UP. I am in Presque Isle, WI and started reading your blog from the link you gave on WisBirdn.
Presque Isle, WI


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