Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Weather woes and storytelling.....

It finally happened. My first cancellation due to the weather. I guess that living where I do, Wisconsin, I should be glad it hadn't happened before now. Of course, we haven't had a real winter before now! This winter has been like the winters of childhood...snow fell early on and never really left, but continued to pile up, with occasional melts to keep the snowpiles at street corners from towering over our home.
I've been out cross country skiing. Snowshoed twice, even. Since living in Coulee Country...resident since 1980...we've rarely had snow deep enough to bother with snowshoes. Not so this season. Although I've been out twice, there are many more hikes where I've found myself saying "Man, we could have done with the snowshoes here!"

However, I digress from the topic at hand. Sunday I had been booked to do my "Bird Tales" program for the Zumbro Valley Audubon Club at Quarry Hill Nature Center in Rochester. I enjoy these gigs, because those in attendance share that passion for all things birdy that I have, and it's gratifying to be in the company of like-minded souls. My husband had planned to join me, geocaching along the way and maybe even during my program.

Saturday evening, the weathermen were actually right this time. Temperatures started to plummet well below zero. Winds kicked up, gusting at times near 50 MPH, slamming the side of our house. By Sunday morning, there were whiteouts on the route I'd travel, and the state patrol was advising against unnecessary travel.

My contact person emailed, then called. I was prepared to make the 70 mile trip, as I'd agreed. The nice people at Zumbro Valley Audubon were concerned about the safety of travel, and frankly, whether many folks would turn out this month. Though I'd been looking forward to this gig, I was secretly relieved. Telling to one or two people just doesn't provide the energy for the teller to shine. Hopefully when they contact me for next year, the weather will be fairer. For now, I can add this experience to my list of "yeah, I'm a real storyteller now, I had a cancellation!"


At 7:55 AM, Blogger lisa marie said...

Dang! Stupid weather, not fair! Seems all the snow keep staying south of us, that's unusual but tonight it's coming at us.

Birds - I'm getting ready for the count this weekend. :)

At 3:29 AM, Blogger adam brown said...

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At 11:09 AM, Blogger Helena said...

Hey Gwyn! I've gotten two hits this past week from people googling "Sandra Boynton mural." My blog shows up because of the comment you made about "the unfinished Sandra Boynton rip-off African animals under our cupboard." ;)


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